Pixt is a fun and easy way to make collaborative walls of photos and videos with your friends and family. 

Pixt Walls are real time and collaborative. You and your friends can drag and drop pictures and videos onto a Pixt Wall for instant sharing.

All you do is drag and drop your content onto your “Wall”.  You can drag and drop from anywhere and everywhere you have content – your hard drive, linked devices, like cameras, smartphones, tablets, flash drives; and Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Picasa, etc.  You can also link to, and send your Walls to your Facebook page and other social and photo services.

When you share a wall, the people you’ve shared it with can drag and drop their content right onto your wall for all to see. You get instant shared photo and video walls!  They can also comment on your Walls and the content within each wall.

Pixt is on Android and soon Iphone. Like us on Facebook!

Pixt Walls are embeddable in your website. This makes them ideal for building community with your customers, fans, clients, and friends. 

Pixt can be built into your website

Pixt is a fast and easy way to take your content, and no matter where it is stored – pull it back into one sharable place.  


A Shining Example of One of Our Pixt Walls:  

Creating a Concert Wall on Pixt is a great way to  share your music experience with the world.   Add pictures and videos of your favorite band or group.  What concerts have you been to lately? The Pixt Community would love to see.  Maybe you’re promoting a band or a new artist, Pixt is ideal for that too!

There are so many trending photo topics on the web.  Whether it’s cute things, wine, or flowers, people love showcasing their favorite things.  Pixt is the perfect place to do just that.


Pixt is great for proudly featuring the athelete/s in your family. Create a Wall that will last a lifetime with all those game day photos you’ve been collecting.  Share each exciting moment by creating your very own Team Spirit Wall.


Is there wedding bells in your near future?  What a great way to see everyone’s photos in one place! PIXT is perfect for weddings, and other events, Pixt allows you to collaborate with friends and family.  Create a Wall that will be a part of family history.

Whatever it is that you want to share, PIXT is the best platform for you to share it, after all, if a photo is worth a thousand words…


Pixt is part of the Softlayer Incubator program, and is hosted by the super cool folks at Softlayer!

Thanks Softlayer!